Three Sisters walked from Fremantle to open the school in 1903.

White limestone hill with 3 classrooms and 2 large Pepper trees.
West classroom – Year 5, 6 & 7.
Centre classroom – Year 3 & 4.
East classroom – Year 1 & 2.
Basketball courts were built (these were where the current church car park is located). Annual Bazaar was held for fundraising.

Church built and constructed on 18/8/1936. Altar boys from CBC Fremantle came to serve at the mass. When it was very hot, Sister would take the class under the Pepper trees for lessons. Tennis courts and shed built. Nun’s residence with laundry built. Father Ryan, OMI was parish priest of the time.

School numbers and buildings were increasing. World War 1 occurred. Lots of open space. Lefroy Road stopped at Presbytery. Limestone wall was built from cleared limestone school grounds.

New school buildings were commenced. Brick classrooms replaced former corrugated iron classrooms. Annual bazaar continued.

The priests of the African Missions Order (SMA) replaced the Oblate Fathers of Mary Order (OMI). Father Edward Joseph Donovan, SMA arrived in January 1969 to become the Parish Priest of Christ The King Church.

Sisters of Joseph of the Apparition Order ceased as Principals in charge of school. Last religious Principal was Sr Zoe Milne, SJ, in December 1974. The first lay Principal, Mr John McTavish was appointed and commenced 1975. The house next door to the school in Livingstone Street was purchased and the first pre-primary and language centre commenced in 1977. Sister Finbar Malone was the RE Co-ordinator. 1978 we celebrated the 75th Anniversary.

The school enrolment numbers grew to become a double stream throughout the whole school. This included a demountable that became a second pre primary classroom. A new Commonwealth funded program was initiated and so commenced the New Arrivals Program in 1988. Enrolment swelled with the arrival of over 80 refugees from El Salvador, Poland and other countries. New school buildings were completed. Very small area for children to play so they were transported to Bruce Lee Oval at lunch break.

Kindergarten classes commenced in 1996. May 1997, the school relocated to previous Seton Catholic College site in York Street (formerly St Brendan’s College buildings were founded in 1964). Lots of renovations and refurbishment to make suitable for K-7 primary school.

Clustering, ESL, Special Needs, Collaboration Team partnership working together.

Centenary Year! Stages 3, 4, 5 of building process continuing. Opening of stages 1-4 in October, 2003. All building stages completed in 2008.

This mosaic represents the transformation that has occurred within the school since the previous mosaic. It now shows the quadrangle more suitable to primary school aged students.

House Information

At Christ the King, we have four houses which the children are placed into on enrollment. These are De Vialar (Red), McTavish (Blue), Donovan (Green) & Milne (Gold).

De Vialar
Be inflamed by the fire of love
Red was chosen as the colour for De Vialar for the courage shown by St Emilie. St Emilie de Vialar is the foundress of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition (the same order as Sr Noelline and the Sisters who started Christ the King School).

Let truth and thoughtfulness be our guide
Blue was chosen for the colour of the Scottish flag. Mr John McTavish was the first lay principal of Christ the King School.

Strong in heart mind and body
Green was chosen as the link to Fr Donovan’s home land of which he was so proud. Rev Fr EJ Donovan, SMA was the former parish priest of Christ the King.

Shine the light of hope and faith
Gold was chosen for the brilliance of the Australian Sun a reflection of Sister’s ongoing work in her community. Sr Zoe Milne was the last religious principal of Christ the King School.