General Information

Student Absences

Whenever a student is absent a written explanation from the parent must be presented to the teacher on the day of return to school. No phone call required for one day absences, however, if absent for two or more days, then please phone the school and speak to receptionist.

If a child is late to school (after 8.45am), parents must complete the ‘red’ slip from the late arrivals book at the school reception. This slip is to be given to the classroom teacher.

No child may leave the school grounds during school hours without parent completing a yellow slip from the Early Departure Book at School Reception.

Bells & Timetable

Start of school - 8.40am
Recess - 10.30am
End of Recess - 10.50am
Lunch - 12.30pm
End of Lunch - 1.10pm
End of School - 3.00pm